《POOPOUT》是由一群熱愛動物的夥伴所組成。創辦人「林利燊」是一位互動裝置設計師,同時也是喜愛動物的大男生,在人生旅程中飼養、照料過許多不同的寵物,深深的理解現代人在身兼數職的情況下,還要照顧在家的毛小孩是多麽的辛苦。於是將十多年的互動經驗投入研發POOPOUT 寵物便盆!

POOP OUT is made up of a group of animal lovers. The founder Lison Lin is an interactive media designer, also a huge animal person. After taking care of many pets in his life, Lison understood how tiring it is to look after your lovely pets after a long day. Hence, he decided to use his ten plus years of designing experience and create POOP OUT the pet potty!





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