POOPOUT Pet Potty - Bird

Cleans up in just 3 seconds! No water or power needed, place it anywhere you want! 
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P-P1101   POOPOUT 3-second pet potty

Cleans up in just 3 seconds! No water or power needed, place it anywhere you want!

  • Effortless wheels - The POOPOUT pet potty is 4-6 kg (8-13 lbs). There are two wheels on the side of the potty pad roll, they only touch the ground while lifted, helping you move the potty effortlessly.
  • Safety blade - The gap underneath the blade is only 3mm (0.1 inches), it is so safe that adults and children wouldn't be able to touch the rounded blade. There are safety edges around the blade as well to protect you while changing it. Both sides have latches to secure the blade for better use and avoid falling out of place while moving the potty.
  • High flexibility-waterproof pinch rollers - We use high flexibility-waterproof pinch rollers to seal the film and the potty pad. The pinch roller is washable and doesn’t absorb water.

  • Symmetrical design - Every pet has its preferred spot to go potty. For this, POOPOUT especially designed the potty symmetrically. Don’t worry about wasting supplies, all you have to do is turn the potty around!

  • Leakproof edge - The aluminum bars on the sides have a leading-edge to guide the urine to the potty pads. Thus, it won’t leak to the floor even with large amounts of urine or “bad aiming.” To clean the planks, you can simply remove them with no tools needed.

  • Size up or size down! - A single plank is 15*40cm (6-15 inches), the potty area could be adjusted to 30, 45, and 60 cm (11, 17, 23 inches) in length. Size up or down by changing the number of planks to adjust the potty area!

*This item has one set of POOPOUT exclusive potty pad rolls and four planks.







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